Bin Weevils Glitches

Want to know some cool glitches on Bin Weevils? Learn them here! All the glitches I know are below…

(Ones with pictures will be at the bottom…)

How to get onto the SWS Mission 2 roof:

Firstly go over to the blades of grass. After that, click yourself repetativly and you will walk across. Keep clicking yourself, and you will walk onto the roof!

Floating Glitch:

Firstly Buy A Sofa/Chair From The Nest Shop. Then Place It Into Your Nest, And Sit On It.
Then Remove The Item, Your Floating!

How To Jump Into A Weevil Wheels Car Infront Of Another Weevil:

Firstly Go To DirtValley. Then Select Your Car, And Click The ‘Crouch’ Button (Located On Weevil-Actions). You Will Then Jump Infront Of Another Weevil!

On The Orange Peel:

Click a game and press crouch before you get there. It should ask you if you want to play the game. Don’t click yes or no just keep the game up. Then click the arrow to Rigg’s Palladium. Press 7 on your keyboard to stop before you reach the end of the path to Rigg’s. Then, ‘x’ out of the game and click the bottom corner of the peel and it should take you there. Press 7 to stop on the peel.

Walking Spin:

Firstly, go to a place (inks is best) and do super spin. Super spin is unlocked by completing level 6 of tink’s blocks. Then once u have just taken off from the floor go to map, then inks again. This should leave you in the position where u come in. Instead of standing you are now lying with your legs out or floating with your legs out. Now u can walk like that. If it does not work, go to somebodys nest, then to yours, then repeat the steps.

Standing Infront Of Weevil Wheels Cars:

Firstly go to Dirt Valley, any track. Then there should be brown dividers between each set of cars. 4 cars, divider, 3 cars, divider, 2 cars, divider. Go to the end of the divider and keep clicking TINY steps on the divider until you reach the end. Then do the same to get infront of a car.

Walking Backwards:

First click a game. Do not press yes or no. Then click the arrow to another place, but shortly after click Star FEG Star and click somewhere else. Then you fly back to where u were and then walk backwards. This works best in Inks to Riggs.

Standing On Kips Bolt:

Click The Two-Ball Game On The Left, Then Quit The Game. Now Click The Other Two-Ball Game, You Should Walk Across The Bolt! To Stay On The Bolt, Press The Seven Key On Your KeyBoard.

On The Message Board:

First Go To Inks Orange Peel, And Click A Game (Different Games Go To Different Locations). Then Click Crouch And Quickly Go To Your Nest. Now Play The Game (Or Quit). And You Will Begin To Walk Up Onto The Message Board!

Fast Walk

First You Must Be In Your Nest. You Must Have A ‘Nest Invite’ Waiting To Be Opened. Keep It Open, Then Walk Through A Door, Open It Quickly (Just Before Walking Through) Then It Should Change Screen, And Youl Be In Another Nest. Now Walk And Your Walking Fast! Sorry I Dont Have A Vid For This!

Racing From Inks:

First Go To DirtValley (Any track). Then Click Time Trials. Now Click Map Bin Bottom, And When The Loading |Bar Apperas, Click ‘Inks Orange Peel’. When Its Loaded Pick Your Car, And You Will Walk Onto The Grass! To Stand Still, Press 7 Key On Your Keyboard.

Locked Behind Bars:

First Go To Castle Gam (Inside). Now Click The Sws Mission 1 entrance. Once Behind The Bars, Press The Seven Key On Your Keyboard. The Bars Will Close, And Your Trapped!!

Thanks to the binweevils crew at for all of those great glitches and now please scroll down to view some glitches that I found…

Big Exit:

Firstly go up a couple of steps at Flem Mannor… Then as you jump down click the arrow, you should make a BIG exit!!!

Double Jump:

Click Star FEG Star and then click 1 on your keyboard. You should bounce. You can do it without super jump in mission 2 part 1 and 2 by clicking on one of the circles. The more times you press 1 the more times you bounce!

Walking Through the Banister:

Firstly, go inside Flem Manor and climb the stairs. When at the top go down a stair. Then click on the door at the top right (the one leading to the library) and you should walk through the banister!!!

Standing On The Statue At Peel Park:

Go Round To The Right Side Of The Statue, Then Click On The Squares Game. You Should Walk Across The Statue! (WARNING: You Will Only Walk Half Way, Then You Will Go Behind The Statue!) To Stay On The Statue, Press The Seven Key On Your KeyBoard.

Super Flight:

Firstly go to Rums Cove Airport. Next by a ticket to Mulch Island and move your mouse so that it is in the middle and  inline with the weevil air sign now click rapidly… If you get it at the right moment you should come out on Mulch Island before the plane takes off!!!!

Removing Yourself from Your Nest:
Go to your nest and click on a piece of furniture (e.g. A red armchair). You will walk towards it. For this to work you must get the timing exactly right!!! Just as you jump on, click remove on the item that you were walking towards. You should get removed with the item!!! The ONLY way that I know to get out of it is to go to another room using MAP!!! If you don’t belive it works, check out the picture bellow…

The red armchair was between my bed and my pet's bed!!!
The red armchair was between my bed and my pet’s bed!!!

When i tried to do it again it didn’t work, so this can just be a strange happening!!!


(Warning Need Teleport from Mission2 part2, Go to Bin Weevils mission guides for help)

First stand near a doorway…

1a(It’s easiest if you go through the door and back through)

Next click star,B,C,D,star and teleport to the other side of the room…

Then Quickly click on the door you were standing next to…

If you have done it fast enough you should glow like this…1aaAnd sometimes even more ghostly…

P.s. Glow only stops when you log off, play Weevil Wheels and i think play wordsearch or crossword!

Ghostly Glow:

(Warning Need Teleport from Mission2 part2, Go to Bin Weevils mission guides for help)

Go to Dirt Valley and load a car. When car is loaded exit it. Then click star,B,C,D,star and teleport anywhere in the room… Quickly click on the car you were in and you will be invisible!!! Just exit the car and look at the end result…

1aaaP.s. Ghostly Glow only stops when you log off, play Weevil Wheels and i think play wordsearch or crossword!

Giant at Flem Manor:

Firstly click just outside the bin tycoon door. Then click the library door, once through click the arrow out again. Next click the exit arrow at the bottom of the stairs. Wait until you stop walking then click on the seat on the right hand side. Wait until you stop walking then click the arrow out again. Be careful on this one by waiting until the right moment (when you’re big on the stairs) then press 7 on your keyboard… If you wait too long you will leave the room however if you don’t wait long enough you won’t be big! Heres what you should look like…


If you really want to you could do two at once like this…


-123zoom456, Slugles, Sporg & CHill

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