Bin Weevils Mission Guides

On this page you will find the walk-through for all of the missions!!!


Mission 1

 The Silver Knight

First go to HQ and accept mission…

accept mission 1 

Second find the Key its outside Castle Gam…



Then go inside Castle Gam and click on the door on the right!


Inside Is a room with a number box at the top. Click on a brick in the bottom right corner then follow the arrows. When you reach the last brick ( circled in red )  click on it. The code comes out. Quickly click on the scroll, then click on the red banner (with CG on it, the G is backwards) and translate the code into numbers and use the up and down arrows to change the numbers in the box at the top. The code is different every time and every weevil. Now move on to the next room!


In the second room is a puzzle. It is really hard. I can’t really show you how to do it because i’m rubbish, but the picture above is what it looks like when it’s finished!!! You will eventually get it if you just keep trying!!!

In the third room pull down the banner, with the stick, then wet it to see the notes. Next click on the nob at the top of the chimes, this allows you to see which bars are which notes!!! After that play the notes with the golden stick then the notes go blue and you have to play those notes aswell.

nobNow click on the door and carry on!

For the final room click on the Roman numerals in numerical order.

If you don’t know your Roman Numerals here they are:

  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI
  7. VII
  8. VIII
  9. IX
  10. X

Then click on the statue to finish the mission!

Once you have completed the mission you will get 1000 Mulch and a cool statue that looks like a miniature Silver Knight!!!



Mission 2

The Blue Diamond – Part 1

First go to HQ and accept mission…

Second travel to Mulch Island and go to Ships Maze.


Now Click the yellow arrow what I have highlighted.



Next you need to drag the battery into the Metal Detector, also drag over the handle! (Diagram Shows How Above.)


Then Click The Handle And A shovel Comes Up…


Nows the time to go Metal Detecting!!

You have to find the buried scroll (I can’t help you as its different for everyone!)

It will beep really loud and a green circle will show when it has found something!!!

Once You Find It, Dig It Up.

You will then see this…



Next Find The Key! Time To Go Metal Detecting Again!


7Once you find the key, walk over to the grass (In The Corner) and click yourself repeatedly. You will then begin to walk across…

Use the Key To Open The Door, and now go inside…


Next you will see a puzzle-picture! (Just Like In Mission 1)

Here’s how it looks once completed:



Now move onto the next room…


In the Second room you will see some shapes along the wall. You need to get all the shapes back into the holders in the center of the wall.

Firstly, drag up the little poles under the scales



Then you need to set out the weights EXACTLY like this…



Now you can release the poles/stands. Then up comes a square on the other end, click and drag it into the holders.

Now you need the Sphere.

Collect all the bottle corks (Look Below):



Now grab the cup and fill up the bucket…

Once complete, the sphere should rise.




Drag It Into The Correct Place (Shown later in other pictures).

Now the hardest part, getting the triangle out of the ice!


Firstly, grab sticks from behind water bucket, and place them onto the board. (Make sure you have lots otherwise you wont melt it all e.g.


Then drag the board under the triangle.


Now grab the biggest stick (Next To The Board) and place it onto the fire!


Next, open the drawer under the Water Bowl…

Bow Drill - In Drawer


Quickly, click the bow!


Now add this to the top of the biggest stick.



What ever you do, don’t let it touch the bottom as it will break! Just keep moving the bow until you see smoke. Don’t stop otherwise you have to do it all again!



Now you will have fire! 

This will melt the ice, then drag it with the other shapes!

Now the door will open… Move onto the next room…

 Now its easy! Just jump onto a circle!


Three others need to stand on it with you though!



Now You’ve Completed Part-1!

Mission 3

The Blue Diamond – Part 2

Warning: Super Jump is required

Firstly go to HQ and accept Mission

accept mission 3

Secondly go to Flem Manor, then SWS HQ to accept the mission. Then go to SWS Mission 2 part 1 place (at mulch island) and go into the temple bit. You must have completed part 1 to do part 2. Then go to the final room where the bit with the blue energy bar is. There must be a weevil on each of the four pads, and you must stand in the middle, then you teleport,. Then you must go to the red pins on the maze. To get there you must look at the pink pins and follow that maze. Now that you have reached the red pins, you should end up in a chess part. Now what you must do is, super jump (star FEG star) to different parts on the chess board. NOTE: Some of the chess squares send you back to where you were last, but you can stay on some of them! You must look at the chess pieces on the board the ones with circles are the way you can move, e.g. bishop moves diagonally they will change every time. If you want to know the exact order it goes Knight, Bishop, Castle and if you don’t know how these chess pieces move: knight moves three and one or one and three(Note you must do this in one move), bisop moves diagonally and castle moves like the picture below.


 You must get as close to a bubble as possible, then click it and you should walk towards it. You must get all the bubbles and then return back to the main, green maze. You can do this by logging off and on or by going to the pad on the chess board.

Now, once in the yellow pins you end up in a maze. To get to the yellow pins you must follow the route pointing at the blue pins. Do NOT touch the edges of the maze or you will go back to the start. All you have to do is keep following the path, avoiding dead ends, until you get to a bubble. The swirly things on the floor just make you dizzy and forget where you are so avoid them if you can. Once you have got the bubble go back to the main maze (the green one). You can do this by walking into the wall, going back to the beginning and going on the pad or logging off and on.

Get to the pink pins by following the route pointing to the yellow pins. This level is simple but quite difficult. Firstly go round the cotton reel and go through the gap. Then make a U-Turn and go through the next gap. Then take another turn until you get to the big part. Then go up the path to a swirly thing. Click it and then walk out onto another area, I found that always turning left – like the picture below – was a good way to do it!!!

turn left

 You should click the end of the path otherwise you will hit the swirly thing and keep spinning. Behind each cotton reel is a bubble. Collect all 8 bubbles, one behind each cotton reel to complete the level. Then go back to main maze by walking onto a wall and going on the pad.

If you face the red pins, and go right a little, you will be able to see a pad in the corner. You must get over to this pad. Once there, click the pad. You should end up by another pad, click this pad. Then again you should end up by another pad. Then another pad, but this time it will take you to the blue pins! Just turn around and click the arrow. This is quite a difficult maze, start off by going to the right and try to stay on the outside. If you get to the wall near the start on the outside then you’re going in the right direction and just in case you want them here are the ways to go at each intersection:

  1. right
  2. right
  3. left/straight
  4. 2nd right
  5. straight
  6. straight
  7. right
  8. 1st left
  9. right
  10. right
  11. left
  12. left

I’m not sure if i got it exactly right when i typed it down but, hey i made it!!!

Once you complete the maze just click on the diamond to complete the mission…

You can now do a special move which can teleport (star BCD star )! You also have a blue diamond nest item and 1000 mulch added!

mission complete

- Slugles & Sporg

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