About Us

Hello Agents

My penguin name is 123zoom456 and my backup penguin is Slugles. 123zoom 456 is a ninja, tour gide, an agent and a member. Slugles is a green belt, tour gide and an agent. My Bin Weevil’s name is Slugles and my backup is Sporg. Slugles is an agent and has three stars. Sporg is almost an agent and also has three stars. On this website you will find Club Penguin:

  • Catalog Cheats
  • Where the pin is and what it looks like
  • Scavenger Hunt Answers
  • Mission Guides
  • How to beat Sensei
  • And lots more

And Bin Weevils:

  • Crown
  • Mulch Island Coin
  • Wordsearch and Crossword Answers
  • Mulch tips
  • Mission Guides
  • And Many more…

If you would like to play either Club Penguin or Bin Weevils just click on the picture that represents that site below…
 Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!



– 123zoom456, Sugles & Sporg


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