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And the site!!!

Hey Agents!

You’ve been asking and we promised you some more info about the new mission! In a couple months, you’ll be using your Penguin Secret Agency skills again to try and stop a very determined Herbert…


What do you think he’s planning this time? Look for more mission news in a few weeks.

In the meantime, you can practice your agent skills by doing the previous missions – and continue to keep the island safe. If you’re not an agent yet, if your penguin is 30 days old, you can click the M at the top right of your screen. Then click the button that says: “Become a Secret Agent”. You’ll get to take a quiz to apply.

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Written by Billybob On the Club Penguin Blog

The Orange Puffle is now for sale here are a few pictures about it…

On http://clubpenguincp.com/ they said:

Hello Penguins! The orange puffle has arrived and can be found at puffle shop for members only! Very surprising with the new movements.

Some information about the orange puffle:

  • Attitude: zany & curious
  • Favourite toys: box & wagon
  • Cool fact: sleeps very deepy

It has a different puffle card then any puffle ever had:

If you dance with your puffle , it hula hoops. Cool right?

The puffle has 2 favorite toys : wagons and boxes.

The creature is playing with a box:

Did you know that it sleeps very deeply?

Some cool tricks your puffle could do :

Which one is your favorite movement that your puffle can do.Let me know?

Check out the post card that the Club Penguin Mail sends you when your Orange Puffle runs away when you don’t take care of it,  or maybe I should  say Drives Away.

The Orange Puffle does seem very happy to be returning to the wild.

Come to think of it, puffles have come such a long way since the first designs:

The New cp newspaper came out today,
The new play looks exciting!!!
Is it just me or did something in the newspaper catch out eye??? Look Below…
The puffle party has orange and brown letters. Does this comfirm that there will be an orange and a brown puffle??? Will they be the last two puffles to come out??? If you go to the latest Year Book you will find that the last years puffle party sign was the same. Hmm…
Happy77 put a new post on the Club Penguin Blog Today…

Greetings, Penguins!

On Monday, Billybob showed a hint of an upcoming celebration and lots of you guessed that there’s a Puffle Party coming up! The pic of the green square puffle made me LOL. Nobody’s saying too much yet but I thought you’d want to know some more so I talked to someone who’s helping to plan it.

Do we need to be puffle owners to be part of this party?
You don’t have to own a puffle, but hopefully you enjoy being around them! Of course, we do encourage puffle owners to bring their puffles to the party… there may be activities for the little creatures…

Is there anything we should do to prepare for this event?
Practice your snowball tossing skills! Also, if you own a puffle, make sure to take good care of it.

Can we expect any surprises?
Every time we plan a party we try to add a few new things and this party’s no exception. But if we told you more than that, it wouldn’t be a surprise…


Sounds very fabulous… Let us know what you think!!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Hello Penguins! Club Penguin has just released the Cave we’ve been all waiting for! But just to say it straight out to everyone, it just like a new ordinary room. Or is there something fishy going on soon? Well I just don’t know but I got you the Ultimate Club Penguin Underwater Cave Room Guide! Just follow these instruction below and get ready to explore!

  1. Go directly to the mine, and collect your hard hat to start drilling! It for memebers and non-members!
  2. To collect the Hard Hat, just walk straight to the box will with them.
  3. Once you received the hat, go directly into the cave that was dug out.

4.   Once you entered the cave you’ll enter this huge construction.

5.   Once your in there, you’ll gonna have to put on the hard hat and start drilling in certain places to collect the treasure.  Check the guide to see where to dig in.
Ultimate Club Penguin Underwater Cave Room Guide! -Click Here to enlarge!
6.   Once you complete and collect all the treasure, scroll your mouse over to the big rock in the corner and the rock will move and will enter a new secret room! In the  secret room you’ll be able to get a knights suit, but it for members only.
7.   If your a member you’ll be able to continue by going to the expedition by entering that cave in the left lower corner. IN that underwater cave you’ll receive a free backround!

This is a pretty cool addition to Club Penguin but am not sure they’re finish, there still something fishy about this room. LOL. Get it? Nevermind 😛 I also want to give thanks to Lebron Jr. 23 and Riffy8888 For most of these Swf. I wonder if theres going to be a new game or two in the rooms…

theres also a new cp login page cover…

thats it for now check back soon!!!!!

Hello Penguins! We tomorrow which is probably tonight for most of you, they’ll be releasing the Cave Secret we’ve all been waiting for! Here a picture how the entrance of the cave might look like!

Is this the entrance on the last post I’d showed you about the new sneak peek room or something else? Man no one really knows whats going on and what this place is for, well you have to check tonight for updates about that! Now comment on what you guys think it gonna be for!

I cant get the movie uploaded!!! Anyway heres how to play Card-Jitsu Fire!!!

Lots of you are already Card-Jitsu Fire experts! But I wanted to give you some game info in case you haven’t had a chance to play the new game in the Fire Dojo yet:

General Stuff:

  • There are practice mats for 2, 3, and 4 players. You can play with friends there.
  • If you talk to Sensei, and you pick the “Earn your Fire Suit” option, he’ll set up a match. You get more experience points if you do this.
  • You can enter new offline trading card codes and you’ll get cards added to your online deck. You won’t see the animations in the Card-Jitsu Fire game but you can see them if you’re playing the original Card-Jitsu game.

How to Play:

  • On your turn, select the stone which determines the spaces you move, choose your tile (you have 2 options), and then you’ll pick your card to determine the outcome of the round.
  • If you land on one of these, – choose a card. The highest number wins. If you don’t have the element, you cannot win that round.
  • If you end up with this symbol, or if you land on the same space as an opponent, you’re going to have a Card-Jitsu battle – the elements determine the winner (water beats fire, etc. as in the original Card-Jitsu).
  • If you end up on this symbol,  you get to choose which of the 3 elements you’d like to play!
  • If you’re playing and someone quits, you get the experience points. If you quit, you don’t get any points.

Club penguin released the snow maze on Friday here’s the cheats

First theres a sky blue toque on the top of ski hill

Sky blue toque ski hill

Second before you start the maze I recommend you look at the map it tells you exactly how to get through and were the block offs are etc.

And when you get through you get your prize! which is a yeti suit


Hope it helped you out!

Today Billybob released a poll and a sneak peak for mission 11 coming in december!The poll was which item you would like to earn from the mission.Mission 11 pollFor the sneak peak he mentioned this penguin would be helping you in missions in the near future.Sneakpeek

Interesting huh? Well I can’t wait for mission 11!Intill next time bye

Sorry whoever uses the website (no one at the moment) but i will not be updating very much on this site whilst i make the first two movies for the movie page.

Hey everyone, 123zoom456 here. The new pin is finally here and so are some new pages on the website about the latest catalogs!!! The new Club Penguin Times is loaded with information about upcoming events and all of them look to be amazing! First off, Card-Jitsu Fire is coming out next Tuesday, November 24th. It looks like we are going to have to master all three elements of Card-Jitsu and Fire is the first one out. This game looks to be really fun!

Picture 1

Frosty Fun is coming to the Ski Village on November 27th! A new sports catalog will be out and new items for the ski hill will be available. Looks like Club Penguin is getting prepared for the Winter season!

Picture 2

The new Igloo Upgrades and Igloo Catalog comes out tomorrow, November 20th, so be sure to check back for all the secrets in the catalog.

Here are Club Penguin’s upcoming events:

  • New Pin – November 20
  • Igloo Upgrades – November 20
  • Better Igloos Catalog – November 20
  • Card-Jitsu Fire – November 24
  • Ice Rink Returns – November 27
  • Snow and Sports Catalog – November 27

Are you guys excited for all the upcoming events? I am, and they all look to be really fun and gearing towards the Winter season. Let me know what you think about the newspaper and the promising events in the future!

Hey everyone, 123zoom456 here. Yellow puffles can now play DJ3K. The new Club Penguin Times, Issue 212, is here! It’s all about the mysterious new volcano and the reason for the amulets!

Picture 1

goldsmith with ninja maskYes you can have your ninja mask on at the same time as the apron and still do the same dance…

Sensei is gathering ninjas to help calm the volcano. If you aren’t already a ninja, practice for it now so you can join in for a new game!

Picture 2

Apparently the amulets help calm the volcano so it can be used by the inhabitants of Club Penguin as a new game! I think this will be a great addition and will be really fun.

Here are some of the upcoming events:

  • November 6 – New Clothing Catalog
  • November 6 – New Pin
  • November 13 – New Stage Production
  • November 13 – New Postcards
  • November 20 – New Igloo Catalog

Are you excited about the new game coming out and the release of the volcano?

There is a new play cover on club penguin…

cpcoverAnd Club penguin has started to advertise card jitsu fire!!! Here is the link to see the trailer… I’ve watched it so many times it’s soooo exiting!!!



There are fireworks on bin weevils…

And last of all CHill is now a Tycoon on Bin Weevils so look out for the ‘Often Herold’!!!

The Halloween party is over and Club Penguin has added an update to the dojo! Help build amulets.


There’s also a new ninja item in the hideout, goldsmith apron.

goldsmith apon

Hmm, we using the goldsmith apron to mine, so we are forging new ninja gear? I wonder what the amulet is..

Hello again,

The club penguin Halloween party started today

There is a new cover for the play page…


and a new candy hunt…

The Halloween party has a lot of free items as well as member only rooms and items. There are 13 items to collect!

Nonmembers and members, you can visit the plaza to pick up a pair of pumpkin antennae.


Members, go to the mine shack and you’ll be able to enter the Haunted house. Pick up the pumpkin head in there.


Members, you can also go to the mine and click the lantern in the top for access to Gary’s lab.


Once you’re in Gary’s lab, you can click on the catalog in the bottom right to view a ton of cool items!


And last but not least there is a new candy hunt on club penguin (go to scavenger hunt page for answers)

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday dear Club Penguin,

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

It’s Club Penguins 4th B-day today…

here is how to get the party hat!!!!

Club Penguin’s 4th anniversary is here for 1 day only! You can still get the hat! Here’s how to perform the Club Penguin 4th anniversary party hat cheat:

1. Go to the coffee shop.

2. Slide your mouse over the zebra piñata and let it spin 2 times.


3. Wallah! Walk over to the hat!

4th year party hat

Happy fourth birthday Club Penguin! I hope everyone picks up their free hat!

P.s. the hat di that weird undefined thing as well

Hello again,

The new pin is out and it did it again…

it did it again

There are now storms are rolling in all over Club Penguin…

And the 4th Anniversary is tomorrow!!! I can’t wait!!!!

Hello everyone,

there is a drawing competion on bin weevils…

And a nest competition…

New nest items…

A new wordsearch…

Two ghosts have been caught at Flem Manor…



What’s up page is now home and home is now about us…

We have new pictures of the storm all over club penguin…







Hello everyone,

The halloween igloo contest is out now…

Just transform your igloo…

Then click on the igloo entry pic…

igglooThen click yes…

cpiggiconAnd Hey, you’ve entered…


There are two new covers for the play page…



And last of all there is a storm comming and it might arrive in time for halloween!!!

Hi everyone,

i keep on adding more pages!!!

Anyway when i first pick up the new pin it said:


and it wouldn’t let me pick it up… The next time it said:


Owell – the Squidzoid vs Shadow Guy and Gamma Girl is back and is BUZZING with exitment!!! Check out these pics!!!




There is a Storm rolling in above the Dojo!!!



Club Penguin’s Big 4 Year Anniversary is comming up on the 24th…


There is a halloween igloo contest coming up!!!



Bin Weevils is having a competion to create Dirty Vally Track 4!!!



If you have a Bin Tycoon you could get yourself on Nickelodeon TV in the U.K…


Don’t have a Tycoon Click Here

Also we get a sneek peek at the halloween party on Bin Weevils!!!


Hello again,

the website is almost finished and i found this cool banner on club penguin that is self updating i hope it works… Here it is:

Club Penguin - Waddle around and meet new friends!

There will now be one at the top of the page!!!

Hey everyone,

the Bin Tycoon is out now! There are now 5 star challengers  (well at least i think there is) – unfortunetly because i had already completed my star challengers i had to make a new account called CHill!!


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